Tools And Resources

This page is dedicated to provide you with the tools and resources that should help you organize your life, and achieve work life balance as an entrepreneur “or a freelancer” working from home.

I will list below the physical and digital tools that I recommend. Because I trust them, or tried them or built them myself. Some of the tools below I am an affiliate for, so I will get a small commission if you go through my link.

Planning & To-Do Lists

Nazzam Whiteboard

It is a physical tool that I have created in May, 2017 and selling since then. The tool has helped thousands of families, business owners and students to organize their lives, and efficiently communicate as a family.

You can use it to write your important notes, shopping lists, reminders and as a family planner.

To find more details, read reviews a٠nd buy the whiteboard visit the tool page directly on Amazon here:



It is a tool that you can use to efficiently automate your email marketing and communication. It is so simple, and you can easily setup the automation workflows in no time.

Using this tool, you can save a lot of time for more important tasks.

Start automating your email communications and marketing, hassle-free and sign-up for a FREE TRIAL here: