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You may think as a hard-working entrepreneur, that your wife as a stay at home mom is living in luxury, and doesn’t have any issues. If that’s the case, then you don’t know anything about stay at home mom burnout.

Her work is as stressful as yours. And sometimes even more stressful.

She doesn’t have specific working hours, and she can’t decide when to work and when to take a day off.

You are your own boss, and she has many virtual bosses, those bosses are your little ones. So don’t be another boss for her.

May be it sounds a little harsh. But it has to be, because most of us take our wives’ efforts for granted.

I used to consider my wife lazy and doesn’t appreciate the blessing she has by being a stay at home wife, because she doesn’t have to work for a living.

Until we got our baby boy, Rayan. She became the one who has burnout and I became the one who doesn’t appreciate her efforts.

She takes care of a needy few months old baby, organizes and cleans the house, takes care of my needs and cares much less about herself because she has little time and energy left on the day.

So, below are a few tips from my experience, to help reduce burnout for your wife.

Avoid Negative Energy

It is not a good idea to take negativity home with you, even as an entrepreneur working from home. If you had an issue in your business, it is better to change your mood with your family instead talking about the issue over and over. This will only build up negativity, and will drain the energy of your wife.

When you sit with your family, avoid talking about negative stuff about work or in general. Take a shower, start a new mood and enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

In my day job years, I used to come home after a very long time of stressful driving in high traffic. I enter the home with an exhausted face, keep complaining about work, the distance and the traffic. And it normally gets worse.

Instead of feeling relaxed at home, I waste more than an hour of the precious family time fueling negativity. I end up more exhausted and making my wife more burnt out without even passing through the same negativity I had.

So, you have to keep the positive attitude no matter what. Because positivity eventually overcomes negative energy and cuts its power sources.

Stop Criticism

Do you remember the most important WHY you became an entrepreneur after working for other people? Because you hated having a boss. They normally criticize, give non stop orders and believe they are above you in all ways.

We all know that it is most of the time unintentional. But providing negative feedback and criticism to your wife most of the time is the same as being a boss.

She takes orders from her kids all day long, and she expects you to be more thoughtful and appreciate her efforts instead of hunting for mistakes. So, it is better to help her and give advice in a suitable time, if you really notice issues.

I married my wife at 32 years old. Which means that I had enough time by myself to have some order in my life and strict rules.

My rules are for the good of every body, because I formed them after learning from my own mistakes. But they are my own rules, and when another person faces these rules, who wasn’t raised the same way, or didn’t face the same issues in life, then resistance normally occur.

So, it is not a good idea to treat your wife as an employee who should abide to the company policy. If you believe that your criticism is valid, then choose the right time, talk to each others in a lovely and calm way, until you have a common ground.

Spend Time With Her

Working hard is your only way to succeed! Every online guru pitch this concept.

I am convinced that lazy people do not succeed. And that you have to work “efficiently” hard to reach your goals. But working hard doesn’t mean ignoring your life partner, your significant other.

Because if you aren’t doing your best to build a successful business, to enjoy your life with your family, and secure their future, then why did you make a family in the first place?

Family comes first!

So, if you work hard, do it for your family. And if your family is the most important thing, then dedicate time for your wife, where everything is off.

Talk to her, listen to her stories, even the ones you think are too silly to leave work for. Have and appreciate quality time together. This will lift her energy and will make her feel supported by you on her side.

Acknowledge Her Efforts and Sacrifices

Appreciation is the key. You have to show gratitude and acknowledge your wife’s efforts at home and with the kids.

She sacrifices her personal time, health and everything to raise your kids and make home a good place to stay and relax in to after a long work day.

So, you have to tell her that you appreciate.

Help Her At Home

It is very important to put some time on your schedule to help your wife at home. She needs to rest as any human being. She works 24/7 without real breaks, and without help she will eventually burnout.

You can give her some time to sleep, by staying or playing with the kids for an hour at least.

Write Nice Things For Her

Do you have a whiteboard on your fridge? I believe you should get one.

It is a very nice gesture, to write messages to your wife where she can see every morning. And the fridge location is the place she usually goes to.

Before she wakes up, go to your fridge whiteboard and write nice things to her to put a smile on her face.

These little things can really make a difference in her day and boost her energy and motivation to keep being a good wife and mom.

Go Out Together

At least once per week, you have to take a break and go out with your wife to a nice place you both love.

It is important to see people, have some memories, take photos and get out of the same walls she sees everyday, all week-long.

Conclusion of The Tips to Overcome Stay At Home Mom Burnout

Happy wife, happy life. And on the other hand, your wife’s burnout will normally burn your brain with daily issues between you and your significant other.

To succeed in your business as an entrepreneur, you should be backed up by a happy and positive wife. Be a positive husband, acknowledge her efforts and motivate her by taking care of these simple tips.

If you like the article, have any thoughts, comments or questions, please post them below.

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